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People problems crop up all the time at work; especially if you are a leader in an organization.  If there were no people problems they wouldn’t need you.  So, be thankful that you have them.  Unfortunately, as an employee retention expert, I see leaders avoid dealing with people problems more than anything because they don’t want the conflict associated with it.  So what do they do?  They wait…and wait…and wait!  In my employee retention training, I tell leaders this is the worst thing they can do.

Dealing with people problems promptly is one of the key traits of a C.R.A.P PY Boss. (If you don’t know what a C.R.A.P PY Boss is…drop me an e mail and I will tell you).  Your credibility hinges on you dealing with issues promptly.  Your people are looking at you to see if you will.  If you don’t deal with people problems, you may as well flush your credibility down the toilet.  When you flush your credibility down the toilet, you also flush one of the key weapons you have in the war for retention.

Your credibility enables you to communicate effectively which is essential in employee retention strategies.  If you have an employee retention issue and you tell one of your people, “trust me, I will deal with it,” they will not believe you and they may start looking for another job.  Imagine yourself as a catcher in a baseball game with a player on 3rd base.  The pitch is thrown at you and you have to stop the ball or the runner will score.  Your credibility enables you to do that.  Without it, you are like a catcher without a glove.

When working as an employee retention trainer teaching my C.R.A.P Leadership System, I tell participants there are many ways to lose credibility but failing to deal with people problems promptly is one of the main ways.  Although it may be seem easier to wait when dealing with people problems, remember, your people are watching to see what you do and your credibility is at stake.  If you hear the sound of the toilet flushing, you know you waited too long and the sound you hear is your credibility going down the drain.