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As an employee retention expert, I have found that, identifying and removing poor managers is not that easy.  There is a need to look at how they manage their people.  Supervisors that do not delegate, can’t make decisions, micro-manage and fail to hold their people accountable will bury your organization.

In many cases, they have fallen into ruts and need to be reminded of their role.  In other cases they simply do not have the skills to lead the way you would like. The first part of the answer is to give them the skills.  Basic supervisory training is one of the most overlooked areas in organizations.  Don’t believe me?  Look at how training budgets are the first thing cut when things get tough.  Did I just describe your organization?

The number of large organizations that do not provide uniform, basic leadership skills training on an ongoing basis is mind boggling.  When working with organizations on employee retention training, I have found that uniform, basic, and consistent leadership training over time is a key element in your employee retention strategies.  If your leadership training does not meet those three criteria, you are missing the boat and losing money because of it.  Uniform, basic, and consistent training over time can be used to both reinforce the organizations value system while at the same time develop skills.

If you are a manager reading this and the organization has chosen not to implement a leadership training series, what can YOU do?  Ask Human Resources.  If they give you some excuse why it is not happening, find training on your own and ask if they will pay for it.  If they say no, pay for it yourself and go on your own!  Invest in yourself.  It’s your career, not the company’s and when your job is eliminated, the facility closes or something else happens…you are prepared.  If you are lucky and that never happens, use those skills to be more successful than your peers who sit back and coast.