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That is often the question that many employees have in their head but are reluctant to ask.  They seriously wonder if the organization knows where it is going that scares them to death.  Does your organization have a vision and share it with your employees?  Or for that matter, does you have a vision for your department and share it with your employees?

Where an organization is headed is of huge importance to employees.  Rightfully so.  Employees have seen rudderless organizations fall apart and their employment situation fall apart right along with it.  As an employee retention speaker and employee retention author, I emphasize the need to know the direction you are going and communicate this effectively to your employees.  If you fail to do so your employee retention strategies will be in major jeopardy.

If you fail to share your vision, at the first sign of problems, fear will begin to permeate your organization and people will begin to leave like rats leaving a sinking ship.  This is especially critical for organizations to keep in mind in a good economy because people have options and they will take advantage of those options.  After the last few recessions, people are very aware that they need to be a part of a vibrant, growing organization or it could impact their livelihood.

As an employee retention trainer, I urge organizations to develop a vision that is more than just some words and to communicate that vision to their employees.  This will have a calming effect on your employees which will, ultimately, translate into better employee retention.