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As an employee retention speaker and employee retention trainer, I look at how well an organization sells the organization during the recruiting process.  The reason I do is that if an organization can’t sell itself well when recruiting, I question how well they will treat people once they sign on the dotted line.  I am not talking about misrepresentation, I am talking about honest but positive selling of the organization.  This is indicative of an organizations employee retention strategies.

When candidates come to your organization they should be treated as if they are guests you are inviting to a party at your home.  If you act with that thought in mind, your candidates will always be treated with the utmost respect and courtesy.  This is the same attitude that you must have in your employee retention strategies.  If you do a lousy job BEFORE you even hire someone, what will it be like after they start?

As an employee retention expert, I tell clients to look at their recruiting process because it is often indicative of their attitude towards employees.  If you have a “bad attitude” when you are hiring, it only tends to get worse once a person becomes an employee.  An organization that has the attitude that prospective candidates should be “happy” to come to work there often signals to me that the organization will have employee retention issues.

I look for a certain humility in the recruiting process.  One that says, “We are a good place to work but we have our challenges.”  This is confident yet honest.  If I were an applicant, I would want to work for a place that is confident yet honest in how it views itself and as an employee retention expert, I have noticed that organizations with that “attitude” tend to have better employee retention.  So, if you are struggling with employee retention, look at your attitude in the recruiting process to gain some insight into your employee retention.