75% of the people in this country say the wort thing about their job is their boss.  As an employee retention expert, I ask top leaders in organizations I consult with why they tolerate these managers.  I often get a response they don’t know who is lousy.  They may have some idea but are not certain.  In the vast majority of cases, the organizations do not know how lousy some of their managers are because they don’t measure turnover in specific departments so they don’t start to scrutinize managers closely as it relates to employee retention.  They have metrics for productivity, quality, customer service, etc.  Everything under the sun but NOT employee retention.

Organizations that are serious about employee retention will build employee turnover by area into their dashboard of measures that they use to judge success.   If you are measuring it, you will notice the issue and, if you believe in continuous improvement, you will begin to focus getting to the root cause.  If the manager is part of the good 25%, it will become evident very quickly.  If it is some other systemic issue in the organization, the organization can then address the other issue.

When I work as an employee retention speaker, I tell corporate executives that they need to measure it because if they don’t measure it, you will never improve.  So…start measuring it…now!  If you need to, go back and recreate the data from at least a year.  When it comes to your employee retention strategies, you can’t afford to wait for a year to discover you have an issue.  The time is fast approaching when people will be virtually impossible to find.  You need to keep the ones you find starting immediately, not a year from now.

If you are serious about employee retention strategies, start to measure employee retention.  After you do, you are in a position to identify if managers of an area are part of the 75% that people say is the worst thing about their job!