As a boss, sharing your expertise with your people is one of the most valuable things you can do for your people and for the organization.  I have written as an employee retention author, how mentoring has diminished significantly since the 1980’s even though we talk about it more than we ever have.  Sharing your expertise with a millennial is viewed as one of the most important things to this generation.

I was incredibly fortunate in my HR career to work for people in HR, operations and finance that shared their expertise readily.  This helped prepare me for the next step in my career, gave me confidence and made me far more valuable to the organization.  My capability to add value increased significantly.

As an employee retention speaker, I encourage bosses to share their expertise as part of their employee retention strategies.  If a millennial is learning and growing because of that expertise, they are far more likely to stick around because they are not bored and are growing.

From the boss’ perspective, it can be gratifying to see a young person grow and evolve into a competent professional.   It is also in your best interest to keep them engaged and retain them instead of having a revolving door of talent.  Life is easier for you as a result.  My challenge as an employee retention expert to anyone that has people reporting them is to set aside a specific block of time weekly to devote to all of your people where you share your expertise.  The rewards will go beyond just employee retention!