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Everyone deserves respect.  They may do something that causes them to lose your respect but until they do, basic respect is something everyone deserves.  Back in the old days…when I grew up, the philosophy was the opposite.  The attitude was that until you “earned” respect the boss held back giving you respect.  As an employee retention trainer, I tell my classes times have changed.  If you lead the way they did in the “old days,” you will lose all your people very quickly.  People simply won’t put up with it.

The way that most managers disrespect their people is they hire good people and then micromanage them.  Micromanaging sends the message you do not trust them or their ability to get the job done.  If that is the case, then you have to address the lack of trust instead of micromanaging them.  Micromanaging people is the surest way to drive them from an organization.  People hate being micromanaged and it is one of the major reasons people quit their jobs.

Listening to your people is one of the best signs of respect.  It sends the message they are important, their ideas are important and you are willing to spend time with them.  Time is one of our most valued resources and your people know it so when you are willing to spend the time to listen, you send a message of respect.

When working as an employee retention speaker, I tell audiences this stuff is not complex.  If you avoid micromanaging and listen to your employees as part of your employee retention strategies, you will see your employee turnover drop significantly.  So, change your attitude about respect and reap the benefits.