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Often we take people for granted.  As an employee retention speaker, I tell my audiences that 50% of the people in this country feel unappreciated at work.  50%…that’s half of the people.  Chances are some of those people work for you as a boss!  We think that people should “know” we appreciate what they do.  When you are trying to retain people…why would you leave that to chance?  SHOW people you appreciate them! TELL them you appreciate them!  This is BASIC motivational theory…yet we fail to take advantage of the opportunity to use a FREE retention tool which should be the part of any boss’ retention strategies.  In these days of tight budgets, anything you can do for free you need to be doing.

Imagine a person has a gas tank.  Your job is to keep the gas tank full.  Simple comments like “nice job,” “looks good,” “way to go,” etc. sends a positive affirmation to someone that what they did was important and that what they do matters.  Everyone wants to know that what they do matters and they are doing a good job.  Unfortunately, most bosses don’t get that point and rarely say anything to their people.  The result is people who feel unappreciated or under appreciated.  How motivated will these people feel to go the extra mile for you when you need it?  Not very far!

We need to stop being so stingy with our showing of appreciation.  As an employee retention expert, I can tell you that people love appreciation and it makes them feel good about being at work and working for you as their boss.  If you want to distinguish yourself from other bosses, showing your people appreciation for what they do is the easiest thing you can do.