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As an employee retention expert, I tell organizations I am consulting with they should ask themselves to ask this question.  How do you treat people when they resign to take another job?  This sends a powerful message to everyone else in the organization about whether or not you respect people.

I hear from people all the time that they become lepers upon resigning, or, worse yet, are treated horribly. Your people are watching your every move and absorbing how you treat the people who are departing.

Treating the departing shabbily is often the deciding factor for other people if they are wondering if they want to continue to work in your organization.  I know headhunters who get very nervous when people are treated really well during their notice period.  Why?  Because they often start to feel sad about leaving people they have a good relationship with.  This makes them vulnerable to a counter offer…or…more easily enticed back in the future if the new organization does not live up to their expectations.

People are counseled all the time to never “burn your bridges” when leaving an organization.  As an employee retention speaker, I tell organizations they should never burn their bridges either by treating a departing person shabbily.  After all, the message will be one that will kill your employee retention strategies.