As an employee retention speaker, I tell my audiences the holidays send us a great message about your employee retention strategies.  What is THE common element at most holiday gatherings?  Food.  Every gathering has food of some sort.  I love food.  Maybe it’s because of the times when I had to starve myself to make weight as a high school wrestler.  No matter how I got there, I am a big believer in food!  Food seems to be the one thing everyone appreciates and gets people mingling and breaks down barriers.

“Breaking bread” is a great way to show appreciation and create some camaraderie in your department, plant or company.  Coming from Wisconsin I found bratwurst transcends all levels and people appreciate the fact that you took the time to show your appreciation.  When I worked down South it was Bar B Cue. Hey…when in Rome do what the Romans do. Whatever you serve…food is one of the best ways to show your appreciation to your people for accomplishments, a job well done or for simply being a part of your team.  Eating breaks down barriers and people talk like at home when they are at the dinner table.  When they talk…you listen…get to know them and build some trust.  That trust goes a long way in retaining people!