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While conducting a recent webinar as an employee retention speaker and employee retention trainer, I mentioned that we have to be logical about employee retention and think like an employee. When it comes to employee retention strategies, the logical thing for leaders to do would be to put themselves in their employee’s shoes to understand what is important to their employees. This is particularly the case for senior leadership because they are the farthest away from the day-to-day action.  Logically, if you want to retain an entry level employee; think like an entry level employee. What needs to occur is that they need to think what it was like to be an entry level person.  After all, they were one at one time.

Thinking back to your roots grounds you in the reality of what your employees are going through.  Then, when you understand, you can begin to act to help them address their concerns, the pressures they face and the realities of what they face. By doing so, you become more empathetic to their concerns. Empathy is a major factor in people feeling appreciated and a lack of feeling appreciated is one of the major reasons that people leave organizations.

Many people would say that senior leadership has other bigger things to be concerned with. I agree that they have to look at the big picture but part of the big picture is looking at your employee retention strategies because retention is going to be one of the biggest challenges a senior leader will face in the next decade. As a senior leader, it is only logical that you would want to focus on your biggest challenges and not on the minutia.