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When I am working as an employee retention speaker and employee retention trainer, I often hear from my C.R.A.P Retention workshop participants about how the new generation is on their phone all the time, that they don’t want to work, etc., etc., etc.  Well….deal with it because it is the reality that we face and all the complaining in the world is not going to change it.

When I talk about “dealing with it” I am talking about recognizing that is the way things are now and stop complaining and do something about it.  As much as you may want to go back to the “good old days,” mobile devices are NOT going away!   We have fallen into the trap of complaining instead of recognizing that it is an issue and developing solutions to deal with the issue.  I am not talking about accepting it and doing nothing.  That is the worst possible thing to do.

If you have issues with your employees being on their mobile device all day, address the issue.  The tactics you use may have to be different than what you found effective 20 years ago when you started in a leadership role.  If that is the case, you need to adapt, figure out what will work and then step up and take action.  Complaining about it and doing nothing or using the same tired techniques that aren’t effective are not viable options.  Do something different!

From an employee retention strategies perspective, things have changed radically from what it was like 30 years ago.  If I continued to use the same tactics as an employee retention expert that I did back “in the day” I would be in deep doo doo!  So…stop complaining about it…come up with some new tactics…and deal with it!