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I have talked about the demise of the mentor as an employee retention speaker and as an employee retention trainer.  This has hurt our ability to pass along wisdom and knowledge that is required to build a healthy organization that does the right thing and gets results.  Healthy organizations retain good people.

Another way to do this was brought to my attention by my youngest son.  Wise beyond his years, he always finds books he thinks his “pops” should read.  Most recently he bought me a book titled “Resilience…Hard-Won Wisdom for Living a Better Life.”  It is an incredible book and it got me thinking…scary as that is!

Most people don’t read enough books.  The appalling fact is that most people only read one book a year!  Maybe that is another reading that wisdom is disappearing in our workforce.  Mentors and books are the best way to pass on knowledge and wisdom about a myriad of subjects.  If our mentors are disappearing then perhaps as part of our employee retention strategies, we need to build wisdom in our organizations by having our employees read more!  The place to start is with our leadership teams.

Begin by selecting books that deal with important topics such as integrity, trust, dealing with people, communication, motivation, etc. Start by having your senior leadership team read them and discuss them like you would a book club.  This will enhance skills, share knowledge and build wisdom.  They in turn can begin speaking to their teams on these topics in department meetings.  Then really be wild and crazy and start getting books for your other people.  Once you get them excited about new ideas and how the knowledge and wisdom can benefit them and the organization it will build inertia.

In time, a culture of wanting wisdom and knowledge will form.  When that does, you will have a vibrant, healthy and highly competitive organization.  People don’t leave healthy organizations.  It starts with that first book and builds from there.  See you at Barnes & Noble!  And Remember:  C.R.A.P Works!