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The other day I was talking with one of the coaches at the CrossFit gym I belong to about why Crossfit is different than other types of gyms and, as an employee retention expert, it got me thinking about why some organizations are great at employee retention strategies and others aren’t.  People who join CrossFit, generally do not quit once they start.

At CrossFit, there is an active coach there all the time.  Coaches will offer encouragement, cheer people on and work with them to improve their skills.  If you are struggling, the coach will be there for you and help you through the struggle.  This keeps people going when they might think about quitting and helps people grow and get better in the sport; all things that any boss should want for their employees in any organization.

Another thing that is unique about CrossFit but shouldn’t be unique in the workplace is after you finish your workout you don’t start cleaning up your weights and go home.  Instead, you are expected to cheer your classmates on who are still doing their workout.  We work as individuals but consider ourselves as part of the class which is really the way it should be in an organizational setting.  This builds a sense of camaraderie.

Lastly, we talked about the fact that CrossFit is challenging.  People tend to love challenges so they are not bored but need the coaching and camaraderie to get through it.  When you do get through it, you feel better about yourself and want to take on greater challenges.  As an employee retention speaker, I tell my audiences that employees are like this as well.  People want to be challenged and will rise to the challenge with proper coaching.

If organizations would encourage their people, teach them, build camaraderie and challenge them, employee retention would rise considerably.  People who start CrossFit feel a sense of accomplishment and stay with it (retention) which is why it is one of the fastest growing sports in the country.  Do your employees feel the same way when they join your organization?