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As an employee retention speaker and employee retention trainer, I recommend to my audiences and clients that they always post jobs so that internal applicants can apply for the positions because growth is a key weapon in your employee retention strategies. People want to advance and grow. If you don’t offer them growth, they will find an employer that will. When you have promotional opportunities, it’s to your advantage to look at your employees first.

Recently, a participant at one of my seminars mentioned how their organization “conveniently” (those are her words not mine) forgets to posts jobs when they have a pre-selected person in mind for the role. Nothing will anger employees more than when they believe you are showing favoritism in selection of people to fill vacancies. Instead of capitalizing on the opening and getting a positive result by promoting growth, they get the opposite impact…they make people angry which can hurt their employee retention.

This stuff isn’t hard. Post the job. Always. Then, let internal people apply and if they are not qualified, tell them why, tell them what they need to do to be qualified in the future and use it as a development tool when you have that discussion.

Is it easy telling someone they are not qualified? No, but that’s your job as a leader and particularly as an HR person. Saying, “Ooops…we forgot to post the job” is not an option if you want to build positive employee relations and drive employee retention in your organization. When you fail to post the job people see it for exactly what it is…favoritism. And, favoritism is NOT an employee retention tool!