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As an employee retention speaker and employee retention trainer, this question is posed to me all the time. My response. Get used to it. Unfortunately, most people ARE high maintenance. People need to hear that they are doing a good job. That’s today’s reality.

Things are different than they were 60 years ago. Back in “the day,” it seemed like there wasn’t the expectation of ongoing feedback on how you were doing or to get a pat on the back. That is clearly not the case today, particularly with the millennials, but even with employees from other generations. I bring this up all the time when I talk C.R.A.P. to my audience. The “A” that appreciation stands for is a must if you want to keep people today.

The people that are left in the workforce today need to be appreciated. People have a need to hear they are doing a good job. It doesn’t have to be anything fancy. Comments like “looks good,” “nice work,” and even a thumbs up make a world of difference to people. Unfortunately, most bosses do a horrible job of showing appreciation. One of the main reasons is time. Time is a commodity that is limited and bosses are no different than other people; they have work to do. So, instead of taking the time to show appreciation they might be handling other job duties. But, people require appreciation. Lots of it.

Maintaining your employees takes time. That is reality. But think about it this way. If you don’t take the time to maintain your employees, when they quit because they don’t feel appreciated, you will have a lot less time to do your work because you will be doing their work as well. Take the time and avoid the problems neglect causes. And remember, C.R.A.P. works!