A former boss of mine was recently talking to me about a conversation he had with his millennial daughter who has been in her career for a few years. She was offered two potential roles in the organization with one paying quite a bit more money. She was ecstatic about the prospect of making lots more money until dad said to her, “Do you think they are going to pay you a lot more money and not demand a lot more?” This gave the daughter something to think about. Her personal situation is such that she is not in a position to put in a lot more hours than she currently puts in with her current role.

As an employee retention speaker and employee retention trainer, I regularly see organizations and people try to force a fit for a person and a job. Many people in the workforce have been convinced that they can “have it all.” Unfortunately, the reality of life is that is generally not the case. Organizations don’t pay the “big bucks” for little work. That is reality. It is about value. When you pay extra for something, you generally expect to get more for what you pay. The same is the case with employees and the jobs they fill.

I tell my clients all the time that they need to have honest, candid conversations before someone starts a role what is going to be expected of them from the perspective of hours they will have to work, calls they will receive at odd hours and the other “problems” they will have to deal with in the potential job. If these conversations don’t take place, employees, most of which have been told while growing up that they can “have it all” will take jobs, be miserable and quit or simply not live up to the expectations the employer has of the person. This often leads to someone being “exited” because they are not a good fit. This isn’t good for the person’s career or for the organization’s employee retention.

If you are serious about employee retention and truly care about people, have those honest, candid conversations as part of your employee retention strategies. In the long run, you will find that you will have happier employees and improved employee retention.