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When was the last time you heard anything positive come out of the grapevine? Never! The grapevine is a driver of speculation, innuendo and rumors. None of those are positives when it comes to your employee retention strategies. When working as an employee retention trainer and employee retention speaker, I tell leaders their job is to shut down the grapevine.

To shut down the grapevine you have to communicate, communicate, communicate. You can’t over communicate. Employees crave information and if you don’t give it to them they will get it from someone else or make it up themselves. When that takes place, speculation and the corresponding fear that usually goes with it will happen. When people are afraid, they start to look for a safe place and that is with another employer they perceive as not being in turmoil.

Your communication has to take a variety of forms if you want to have it get through. People need to hear it face-to-face, in meetings, letters to the home, e mails, your newsletter, etc. If they hear it over and over and over again in a variety of ways, the message may get through. Is it a lot of work? You bet it is, but so is recruiting new people.

Nothing good ever comes out of the grapevine; at least that I have ever seen. The grapevine is one of the biggest enemies of your employee retention strategies. Your mission, should you decide to accept it, is to shut down the grapevine. It is a lot of work but it is not a mission impossible.