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As my colleague Randy Wilinski (who I affectionately call “the kid”) and I were presenting our new program Making Millennials Great, Randy said, “the best way to solve your employee retention problems with young people is to hire old people.” I knew he was joking but many of the audience members thought it was a good idea! As an employee retention speaker and employee retention expert, retaining millennials is a challenge, but it is not one that should lead companies to avoid hiring them.

Randy’s tongue in cheek comment is appealing to some but, unfortunately, “old people” do retire and what are you left with? Young people. It is time to start learning how to retain the millennials instead of complaining about them. I for one see some incredible potential in this generation. Many employers are miffed by them and are at a loss to motivate and retain them because they continue to use the same things that worked for other employees. Those things won’t work with this group.

I do see incredible potential in this group. After all, I raised three of them and they are immensely successful, bright, energetic and far smarter than I ever was if I must say so! They scare me because they are so much more together compared to what I was like at 25. I also see that with many of their friends. The key is to lead them differently than we have led other groups of people if you want to retain them.

As an employee retention trainer, I tell my clients that loyalty is not dead in this group. What is dead, is the old way of leading them in order to get their loyalty!