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As an employee retention speaker and employee retention expert, I hear all sorts of bizarre comments that employees make. Some people probably like it if their boss doesn’t talk to them for a week…but not most employees. People crave that interaction that comes from you saying “Good morning,” “how’s it going,” and “hope you have a great weekend.” This is particularly the case with millennial employees. They are used to getting attention. They are used to being coached. They are used to being asked how they are doing.

Back in the day, we used to call these people high maintenance.  While, guess what, the new generation is higher maintenance. I talk about giving people C.R.A.P. all the time and the “C” stands for caring. Employees need to know you care and this is particularly the case with millennials. Asking “how’s it going?” takes only a second and shows you care enough to ask. Besides, you might actually hear something that is a tip off that the person has some concerns you need to address so they don’t think about quitting.

As a boss, you want to hear about concerns before they become real issues. Most people will not bring things up out of the blue but if prompted by “how’s it going?” they might tell you what is on their mind. This enables you to deal with issues before you have a resignation letter on your desk or get a text one morning that the person is quitting and you are shocked that it is happening.

The reality of the changing workplace is that millennials need more interpersonal contact than other generations. That is the reality of employee retention today. Stop fighting it, learn to lead this new generation and ask “how’s it going?”