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No…this blog is not about what you might be thinking.  It is about how often you take a stroll through your facility as part of your employee retention strategies.  Regular is good…in more ways than one!  As an employee retention speaker and employee retention expert, a member of my audience asked if taking strolls through the facility should be random or regular.  It was a great question that no one has ever asked.  I believe in regularity!

Strolls should be regular and scheduled if you want to optimize their impact.  Your purpose is to be visible, accessible and create a sense of stability.  All three of those things are important from an employee retention perspective.  Here’s why:

  • Visibility is critical because that way people know you are there for them and that you aren’t just hiding in your office.
  • When you walk by someone they have easy access to ask you questions, talk and get to know you.  That helps to develop trust which is crucial to employee retention.
  • If they know you will come by, they are prepared with questions and you send off the message you are dependable.  People like dependable.  That creates a sense of stability in what are often people’s very chaotic lives.  Dependability builds trust and eliminates fear which is a major enemy of employee retention.

You will be able to accomplish those three objectives if you stroll your facility.  When I hear people say they don’t have time to stroll every day, I disagree vehemently.  They are missing the point.  It is not aimless wandering…it is purposeful strolling.  You have time to do things that have a purpose.   So…get regular, get out of your office and take a stroll!