Do you ever run into a situation where a person you know starts acting “odd” or differently than they normally do?  As an employee retention speaker and employee retention expert, I tell leaders in my audiences that when they see a change in behavior with one of their people, it might be a clue something is going on with the person!  And, that something may be that they are thinking about quitting.

Changes in what is a person’s “normal” behavior can be indicative that the person is thinking about quitting or that something is bugging them that could be preventing them from performing their job up to par.  Don’t sit back and do nothing.  Ask, “how are you doing?” or say “you seem like something’s bothering you.”  If they don’t want to talk, they will tell you.  BUT…if they do want to talk…you might find out that they are thinking about quitting.  It is amazing how people will open up when asked and what they will tell you when asked.

If you don’t ask, you are missing golden opportunities to intervene and change the course of what might happen.  Sitting back and saying nothing is giving up control and letting things simply happen.  If that is part of your retention strategies, you will lose good people because you did not “ask.”

Asking is not prying.  Asking is doing your job as a supervisor or leader and it is part of a proactive retention strategies.  You will never know if you don’t ask because you can’t read someone’s mind.  If you do ask…you may prevent that person from being a turnover statistic!