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As an employee retention speaker and employee retention expert, the groups I often talk with say, “What you’re talking about are basics.  We are already doing them.”  Yet, they have a significant amount of turnover.  When I probe deeper, it becomes evident that they are doing some of the things, some of the time or they start something and then stop because they get distracted.  Employee retention is not a one-time program that you try to use to drive down your turnover.  It is a strategic systematic process that looks at all elements of the culture to determine gaps and begins to address them.  It is continuous improvement.

At its core, it is about doing the fundamentals as part of a strategy.  Your process must start with a written employee retention strategic plan.  It is easy to do something once and stop.  A truly effective organization has a plan and executes on that plan.  They do one thing, then another, then another.  They grind away it.  It is not flashy or sexy…it does work however.

The first thing I always ask as an employee retention trainer is whether or not the organization has a written strategic employee retention plan.  Only 10% of the companies I work with have a written strategic retention plan.  Are you in that 10%?  Because, if you are not, you are probably using the shotgun approach of doing one thing, then jumping to another and then on to another etc.  It is critical as part of employee retention strategies to be systematic in your approach.  Plan it out and then execute on the plan.

This stuff is fundamental…real fundamental in fact.  It is not easy.  Therein lies the problem.  It is not easy to have the discipline to draw up a plan and then put it into SUSTAINED action.  That is what separates the 10% that have a plan from everyone else.  They draw up their plan and do it and see how it works.  Then they tweak what worked and dump the other stuff.  And, they do that over and over and over again.  That is why they call it continuous improvement.

If you want to be successful with your employee retention strategies, the first step is to put it down in a written strategic retention plan.  That is where you start.  Without that, your success significantly reducing your turnover will be minimal.  That’s why as an employee retention speaker, the first thing I ask is, “Do you have a written strategic employee retention plan?”