This employee retention speaker and employee retention trainer just LOVES notes.  Not love notes, but notes.  Specifically, thank you notes.  Writing a thank you note to an employee or a note about something special the employee did is powerful…and appreciated.  People love notes.  I think it comes from the fact that it is something that is tangible that they can touch and see vs. just saying it and then it’s gone.  With a note the person can look at it over and over again.  This brings back the memory of what the employee did that warranted getting the note.

It is not uncommon to go into someone’s office and see a note or a card that was written quite a while ago pinned on the cork board or sitting in a place where the recipient can see it every day.  Notes or cards are special.  I think it’s also because someone took the time to write out their thoughts.  It sends the message that you value them because time is such a valuable commodity.  Notes also take on a special significance if you take the time to reference what the person did that warranted the note.  By personalizing the note, you make is something that the recipient knows was just for them.

In my employee retention programs, I mention all the time that 50% of employees do not feel appreciated.  If you can give someone a note and they keep it where they can see it you get the benefit of them seeing the note and feeling the appreciation every time they look at the note…not just when you tell them you appreciated what they do.

Another fact that makes notes special is that very few people write them.  When your employee mentions to their friends that they got a special note from you, most people are surprised.  Their buddies boss never sends them a note of thanks.  This distinguishes you from the rest of the pack of bosses and employers.  From an employee retention strategies perspective this is exactly what you want.  YOU want to be unique and special.  This makes the employee aware that perhaps the grass is not greener on the other side of the fence.  What you are doing is inoculating your employee from all the attempts that other employers are making to attract your person.

Notes are powerful in multiple ways.  But as an employee retention consultant, notes are part of a well-thought out strategy to retain your people.  So, next time one of your employees does something special, write them a note.