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As an employee retention speaker and employee retention author, I often contemplate what makes a person want to stay in an organization.  I look at all the studies that come out and what they say with the goal of trying to wrap my arms around it all and come up with the primary reasons employees stay.  Recognize these may vary from person to person because we are all unique individuals   Here are the reasons that seem to always pop in my mind.

  1. They work for a good boss who doesn’t micromanage them and has their best interest at heart.
  2. They feel good about what they do. That can mean taking care of patients, producing good parts or seeing students learn.  This doesn’t mean they like everything they do.
  3. The organization stays out of the way and lets them work instead of putting up obstacles to success.
  4. They have chance to grow if they want that as part of their work life.
  5. They want to be treated fairly from a policy and pay perspective.
  6. They matter…to their boss and the organization and someone tells them that they do

When I began writing this I realized that the C.R.A.P. philosophy is embodied in the things that people want.

#1 It’s about a boss who Cares and Respects them enough that they don’t get micromanaged

#2 Feeling good about what you do comes from being Appreciated on the job by either patients, their boss or seeing a quality part produced.

#3 is about Respect.  Respect for the skills and talents that the organization has for its people.

#4 Growth is about Caring.  Their boss or the organization Cares enough to want the best for them.

#5 This is about appreciation

#6 This is about Caring, Appreciation, and Praise.  When people know that they matter it is because people care about them and tell them they are important.

When I look at the list it is so simple.  Yet, as bosses and organizations we tend to look for these big fancy solutions.  It’s not big and fancy.  It is about basic human needs and C.R.A.P. embodies many of those human needs.  Perhaps what we need to do is simplify our approach instead of working on the most state-of-the art theories.  People aren’t lab rats.  They are people.  Give them what they need…..Caring, Respect, Appreciation, and Praise.