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Before I became an employee retention speaker and employee retention author, I used to love “strolling” through the facility and catching people doing things right.  Not the old “catch people doing things wrong” mentality.  It was fun.  And you know what, it was amazing how many things that people do right during the course of a day.  Instead, we always look for someone doing something wrong.  Not only is it an outlook that is counter-productive from an employee retention strategies standpoint, it is also a real downer because it’s a negative mindset.

I used t to explain to supervisors that you are not running a prison or patrolling the streets looking for criminals, you are leading employees.  That implies the positive to me and it certainly sends the wrong message to your employees.  It sends the message that you don’t trust them and that they are trying to slack off or to screw you any time they get a chance.  That’s a terrible message to send if you want to retain people in an organization.  It’s time to shift that mindset because it gives you an opportunity to tell people when they are doing a good job.  That’s important because in all the studies I have seen 50% or more of the employees in the workforce do not feel appreciated.  That’s a staggering statistic!

Getting out and “catching people doing things right” is a great way to show appreciation and recognize people for a job well done.  When you see something done right, say something to the employee.  I see the reaction I get when I do it in facilities I get to tour.  People love it.  Even saying “please” and “thank you” gets a positive reaction or a smile so you know you are hitting on something that is important to employees.

As I tell supervisors when I am doing employee retention training, “This stuff is simple.”  I recommend that a supervisor take one stroll a day to catch people doing things right.  The benefits outweigh the downside.  In fact, I see NO downside what so ever about doing this.  If you are selfish, the best thing about this is it makes YOU feel good when you say something positive to someone.  As we head into Christmas, this is a great time to start because we tend to be more positive in general.  Build on that feeling.  After all, ‘tis the season to catch employees doing things right.