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This employee retention speaker and employee retention trainer was watching TV this weekend and saw an ad for Home Advisor.  In the ad they talked about how now that the parent had kids, he didn’t want to spend his weekend repairing a toilet or fixing things around the house.  I was in shock.  Are you kidding me?  First off, I am too cheap to do that and secondly, and most importantly, we wonder why kids can’t do anything when they get into the workforce.  How do we think kids are going to learn how to do basic things that may be needed in the jobs that they hold?  It will be either by working jobs in high school or college or seeing their parents do it.  Perhaps, this is why this employee retention speaker sees so many young people come into positions in a factory who don’t even know how to sweep the floor!

Part of employee retention that companies will have to deal with because of the lack of people available is that they will get people that are “C” and “C-“ players who don’t even have basic skills such as sweeping, mopping, how to dress for work etc. because their parents didn’t teach their kids these BASIC skills needed to perform many day-to-day functions.  Many will not even understand the value of doing a job right because parents don’t take the time to show their kids basic skills around the house because they contract out to Home Advisor!

Helping people to be successful has to be a part of your employee retention strategies.  That is going to mean showing people how to do some of the very basic things.  Employers get frustrated by this because they are used to in “the old days” having people who could jump right in and do certain things.  This employee retention speaker thinks those days may be gone forever.  It will fall on employers to do the things that parents used to do.  If, as a supervisor or an organization you say, “they should have those skills” and decide you are going to dump them during probation period, you probably won’t be able to staff your department because that is all you might find in the workforce in the future.

I am not a skilled trades person…that’s for sure.  But I can do a basic toilet repair and can do basic stuff around the house.  So can my kids.  They at least know a wrench from a screwdriver and they can certainly sweep the floor.  From an employee retention standpoint, are you as a supervisor prepared to show a new hire the things they didn’t learn at home because their parents used Home Advisor?