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As an HR leader, I came up during a period of time that employee involvement in quality was starting to take hold.  We were running task forces and problem-solving teams in order to primarily deal with issues of quality but also got into the areas of productivity, customer service, etc.  This employee retention speaker and employee retention author learned from those experiences and realized that some of the best ideas came from people on the shop floor because they were dealing with the issues every single day.  One of the best ways to improve your employee retention is to ask your people.  The answers they have will amaze you.

This employee retention speaker and employee retention trainer worked with one of his clients in a two-day kaizen event to stem the flow of employee turnover that they were experiencing.  A cross section of people from various levels of management and the shop were brought in to look at the issue, come up with ideas and develop action plans.  Then, those action plans were put into place.  I was not surprised to see turnover drop by 50% in the next year.

The key was to start with data.  By having surveys, turnover statistics, exit interviews, stay interviews and all types of data points, the organization was able to generate focused ideas that could then be put into action.  Then, quite bluntly, they acted.  Instead of sitting around and just talking about it, action plans were developed with specific time frames established.  People were assigned or volunteered for certain tasks and were held accountable for doing what they were assigned to do.  It was amazing how things started to happen and once things started to happen people got fired up and began to believe that they could solve the employee turnover problem.

Once people started to believe, this employee retention consultant saw the beginning of a juggernaut.  Now, nothing can stop this machine that is having success and some of the successes were almost immediate, so people did not get discouraged.  As I always say, this is simple stuff, it’s just not easy.  It was hard work that took discipline but if you have that discipline, employee turnover can be stopped dead in it’s tracks.  But, most importantly, it took the input of people who were close to the problem to get involved and come up with ideas.  So, if you want to start to solve your employee retention issues…employee involvement is the answer!