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As an employee retention speaker and employee retention trainer, I work with organizations all the time to help them enhance their process of onboarding/assimilation of new employees.  A great onboarding/assimilation process is essential to an organization’s employee retention strategies.  This employee retention author finds that with some little tweaks to that process, an organization can see some significant improvement in employee retention.  One of the areas that I often see is missed by organizations is not having top leadership as part of the onboarding/assimilation process.  Recently, a friend of mine changed jobs and was shocked that top leadership came in to introduce themselves.  In their other jobs, this had never happened.  To me, this is a must in any onboarding/assimilation process.

Some of the most effective onboarding/assimilation processes I have seen have the top team involved in the process.  In many cases, the top leadership team plays an integral part in this process.  When a top leader comes into a session and presents on the values of the organization or speaks to the philosophy of the organization it’s powerful.  It sends the message that the values matter enough for the top leaders to spend their valuable time presnting.  Often, they speak to where the organization is going, the business strategy that is being employed, how well the organization is doing and a myriad of other topics that are important to the average employee.  People want to know that the organization they are joining is headed in the right direction.

Perhaps even as important as speaking to the issues of the business is simply the ability to meet the top leaders.  Few organizations even do that.  It’s powerful when your organization does some things that other organizations don’t.  It differentiates you from the pack of other organizations that are trying to hire that person in a tight labor market.  A top leader who comes into an onboarding/assimilation session and introduces themselves to people, shakes their hand and becomes known breaks down barriers so the top leadership is not viewed as just a bunch of “suits.”  In the long run, this pays huge dividends in employee engagement and employee retention.

If you want to take your onboarding/assimilation process to the next level with a minimal amount of effort, ask your top leaders to be a part of the process or, at a bare minimum, come in and meet the new hires.  This isn’t some complex process.  It’s simple stuff.  In the future, make sure your new hires all get to meet the President.