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What?  Did I hear that comment correctly?  An employer telling a top-notch employer that they can’t expand a person’s role to give them more complex duties because they are too valuable for the role they are in.  Why don’t they just tell the person to start to look for another job?  Essentially, that is the message that this organization is sending according to this employee retention speaker and employee retention author.  The employee that this was told to is now looking for another job.  He knows he is pigeon holed and will never go anywhere in his organization.

You may be shocked to hear this sort of statement but this employee retention trainer has heard this comment more times than you can possibly imagine.  Think about the message that this sends to the person.  We as an organization are SO selfish that we will not allow you to grow and be fulfilled when, in fact, you are great at what you do.  This move on the part of the organization is about pure laziness and greed!  It’s all about the organization.  The message this sends is such that the individual really has no choice but to move on in order to move their career forward.

What will happen Is that this employee will leave, move into an expanded role and thrive for his new employer and the previous employer will lose a great person who could have been used to groom someone who could take over for him.  This employee retention speaker is seeing a lot of this sort of thing happening as we are in a boom economy.  People are trying to get product out the door so they are restricting the growth of their people because they are too valuable where they are.  Instead of using this growth to expand someone’s role, they are refusing to hire another person to backfill that person so they can assume greater duties.

Not only will the organization lose this person, every other person in the organization see this and realizes they need to build their skills while they are there so that they can move on because the organization will inevitably hold them back.  Times are good.  Organizations need to be creative and use these good times to grow their people and build their skills.  This is what energizes people, keeps them engaged and maximizes the value they bring to an organization.  Saying to a person “You are too valuable where you are” is a sure recipe for employee turnover.