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This employee retention speaker and employee retention author remembers one of his first bosses telling him that keeping good people was a matter of survival…not a luxury.  We used to hire 300-500 seasonal employees a year to process the crop that was harvested by our growers.  Without those people, the crops would rot in the field and the growers would suffer huge losses.  Finding 300-500 people to work seasonal work was tough.  Keeping them for the whole season was even tougher…but not tough as finding and keeping them in this current labor market.

Our inability to find seasonal employees made employee retention a matter of survival so I remembered it well.  There was an intense focus on keeping people.  Many organizations are starting to realize what this employee retention trainer has been saying for years.  Retaining people in the next decade will dictate which organizations survive and which ones fail.  People are the biggest constraint that organizations will face.   Fortunately, I learned this as a young employee relations supervisor having to retain a seasonal workforce.  The employee retention strategies I learned have made all the difference in the world during my career as an HR professional and now as an employee retention speaker and employee retention author.

The thing this employee retention consultant does not get is how many people don’t get it!!!! Our economy is booming and even if it slows to some extent, the shortage of people will remain.  In a worst-case scenario where we have a recession it might get a bit better but a look at the demographic trends will tell you all you need to know.  Too many baby boomers are retiring and we simply don’t have enough young people to replace them!  The labor market MIGHT get a bit better but not to the point where organizations have an abundance of people banging at their door to be hired.

Those organizations that wake up and realize that they need to be proactive and take aggressive measures to retain the talent that they need to run their organization will be the ones that survive.   Talent is going to be tough to find.  The key is to retain the people you recruit so that hiring can be less hectic.  This enables you to do a better job recruiting so that you don’t feed the employee turnover beast.

It’s time to start changing what you are doing and focusing on employee retention as one of your key metrics.  When you do that, you will have taken the first step to putting your organization on firm ground for the future.  This is not an option for organizations…it’s a matter of survival.