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As an employee retention speaker and employee retention trainer, the first thing I ask clients is, “What is your strategy to reduce employee turnover?”  In most cases, this employee retention author hears them tell me a few “actions” that they have taken or are thinking about trying.  Bottom line…there is no strategy.  Then I ask them about their marketing plan and they can lay out this extensive road map about what they are going to do in the upcoming year (or even 5 years), who is responsible and the funds they have dedicated to making it happen.  They have a plan!  It’s no wonder that they are not getting any traction when it comes to improving their employee retention.  They have no plan!

As we enter 2019, ask yourself, “What is your strategic employee retention plan?”   If the answer is that you don’t have one, then you have a problem.  Build one.  It doesn’t have to be some elaborate plan, but you at least need a plan.  That’s where you start.  Otherwise, you will be engaged in unfocused activities that may or may not have an impact on your employee retention.  As one of my former bosses who was an engineer used to tell me…plan the work and work the plan.  Guess what…it works.  Not only will you get results, but you will not waste valuable resources in the process.  You will be both effective and efficient.

Having a strategy is integral to the success of any endeavor.  Without the strategy, you are simply chasing your tail in the hopes that what you do will work.  The biggest objection I hear from people is that they don’t have the time to “sit around and strategize.”  Make the time.  You can make the time to have a marketing plan, a production plan, a quality plan and every other type of plan.  An employee retention plan is just as important or perhaps even more important than any of those in that if you can’t keep people, it impacts every one of those areas and makes them less likely to succeed.

We are a month into 2019.  Stop making excuses and delaying.  Pull together your strategic retention plan or, before you know it, half of the year will be past and you will not be seeing any positive impact on your employee turnover.  Now is the time to act…not 6 months from now if you want to see an improvement in your employee retention for 2019.  What’s your 2019 strategic employee retention plan?