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67% of employees are disengaged or actively disengaged at work according to a Gallup poll.  That should scare you to death.  That being said, this employee retention speaker and employee retention author is optimistic.  Why?  We have tons of opportunity to improve if the poll is correct.  The number that really scares me is that 16% of all employees are actively disengaged.  They either hate their job or are actively undermining the employer.  The question is, how do you reverse this poor disengagement number.  I think it is easier to do than we think or at least we can make a significant dent very quickly.

The first thing this employee retention speaker would do would be to meet with all your supervisors and managers.  After all, that’s who most of the people work for.  I would ask them why they feel their people are disengaged.  Be ready to hear some things you may not want to hear as a senior leader.  Then, ask them what they would do about it.  Again, be ready to hear some things you may not want to hear.  When you do, take them to heart.  After all, your bottom line depends on it!

Listen to your supervisors and managers input and pull together a plan to work on the easiest things.  With 67% disengaged, you have some VERY low hanging fruit to work on that will have an immediate impact.  If one of the suggestions from your supervisors and managers is that you need to start asking employees for their opinions on how to better do work, take it to heart.  Why? Because asking people what they think is a tremendous sign of respect AND one of the simplest ways to get your people off the bench and into the game and involved in solving problems.

When this employee retention trainer is asked what to do by clients, my first suggestion is to “ask your people.”  They will tell you and chances are their ideas will work.  You still have to develop a cohesive strategy and maintain focus so that your initiative does not fizzle out and die.  But by simply asking and working on those things your people tell you, you will see your employee engagement improve.  This is not hard stuff to do!  The problem is, we as leaders often think we have all the answers.  If you want to start to improve that 67% disengagement number…all you have to do is, ask your people how!