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This employee retention speaker and employee retention author is also a professional recruiter.  Or, as some of my colleagues affectionately call me…a “headhunter.”  Who better to know how to improve employee retention strategies than someone who steals talent for a living?  Recently, one of my good clients that is growing substantially had me working on a director level role due to their growth.  It was a very specific niche search and, as a result, it took a lot of digging, calls and interviews to find that “right fit” for the role and the culture of the company.

While working with the company president, who I have known for many years, we got talking about the business which I understand very well.  One thing led to another and then I asked how Steve was doing.  Steve was an operations guy that I had placed 5 years ago who is critical in the operation and has excelled in the 5 years since I placed him in the company.  We were also talking about the status of the search for the new director.  It was as if the light bulb went on simultaneously for the president and me.  Why not put Steve in the new director role?  Steve works tirelessly and is a sharp ops guy.  He is also low key and not flashy so we had overlooked him.  Shame on us!

As the president got talking about it with me it became quite evident Steve was the guy for the job.  It would eliminate the aspect of the “right fit” as he was clearly a fit for the organization, had solid relations with other department heads and could clearly learn aspects of the new role that he didn’t know.  He was the perfect choice.  The president knew he would be difficult to replace in his current role, but it was the “right thing” to do.  Steve was shocked, and thrilled when the president offered him the position.

Although I would have loved to fill the role as a “headhunter,” this employee retention trainer knows that from an employee retention and employee loyalty perspective this was the right move.  We were correct.  Word spread like wildfire that Steve was promoted from within the organization.  The excitement from other people was incredible and the well wishes were in abundance.  So was the positive response to the company’s decision.  It spoke volumes about their commitment to their people.  This is what happens when an organization decides to promote its own!