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As an employee retention speaker and employee retention trainer, I have the opportunity to work with a lot of different organizations and leaders.  Generally, my primary contact is a human resources leader.  When working with them, I see some of the good… and not so good things that take place in an organization.  This employee retention consultant always wants to see the process that they use for conducting annual performance appraisals and how the immediate supervisors conduct them.  I also like to see whether or not they are timely.  I particularly like to look at the aspect of timeliness.  Why?  Because timeliness matters.

If an organization says that they will complete employee performance appraisals by June 1st and tells that to the employees, it’s a must that they be done on time.  Although money is not the primary motivator for most people, they don’t work for free.  None of us do.  In most pay systems, there is a tie between employee performance and pay.  That means that the timeliness of the performance appraisal impacts an employee’s pocket book!  That’s one reason that the performance appraisal needs to be on time.  Even if an organization makes up the “back pay,” it sends a horrible message of how much your employees matter.  Why? Because pay does matter!

Aside from the issue of impacting pay, doing a performance appraisal when you say you are going to do it is a matter of respect.  A supervisor or manager that doesn’t complete a performance appraisal on time sends the message that they don’t respect their employees enough to meet the commitment that is made.  It also sends a negative message about the organization.  The organization doesn’t care enough to make sure their supervisors and managers do what they are supposed to do as it relates to employees.

This employee retention trainer has seen first-hand how important this is to employees at one of his clients.  The HR Director is a bulldog!  She EXPECTS performance appraisals to be done on time and communicated by the deadline.  People respect that.  They respect the HR Director and the organization as well.  This is huge because the vast majority of organizations I have seen don’t get performance appraisals done on time.  This differentiates my client in an important way to their employees when their employees talk to their friends at other companies.  Make no mistake, people do talk.  By getting their performance appraisals done on time, it sends a powerful message of respect to your people.  That message can make a major difference in employee retention!