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CrossFit, like most sports, has taught me some valuable lessons that I apply as I work as an employee retention speaker and employee retention trainer.  This employee retention author went to open gym today and decided to work on his deadlifts.  After doing my stretching and a brief warm up, this employee retention author got out a barbell and put some light weights on did several reps of deadlifts.  I felt good!  This got me thinking that perhaps I should work my way up and look to see if I could do a one rep maximum today and see if I couldn’t hit a personal record or, a PR as we call it.

I began to add weight, go through my routine and start to move up to my PR weight of 240 pounds.  As I get closer and closer, I started to add 5lbs. at a time until I was at 235 pounds.  Normally, you might try to hit your PR, see how you feel then add weight after you have equaled your PR.  At least that is what I try to do.  Instead, today I said, “I can blow through this and hit a new PR!”  So, I put on 10 pounds, put some fresh chalk on my hands so the bar will not slip, psych myself up, position myself over the bar and with relative ease, I lift the 245 pounds off the ground and set a new PR!  I gain more confidence and add another 5 pounds and, with some difficulty, hit a 250-pound PR!

On my way home, this employee retention consultant starts to think how this relates to employee retention.  (As many of my regular readers know, this employee retention speaker can relate ANYTHING to employee retention).  When I was doing my lifts, I had the mindset that, “I can do this.”  Employee retention is the same way.  If you think you can’t impact your employee retention and see your industry or particular jobs as always having employee turnover you are never going to try to get better.  You will be stuck at a specific level forever!  If I had had that mindset today, I would never have hit a PR and moved to the next level.

When thinking about your employee retention, you have to have the mindset that you can get better and set personal records.  If you think you can’t you won’t.  If you think you can…with hard work…you will!  That has to be your mindset, or you will remain stuck where you are forever.  My challenge to those reading this blog is to change your mindset and start thinking that you CAN impact your employee retention.  So, change your mindset and set an employee retention PR!