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When speaking to groups about employee retention strategies, this employee retention speaker and employee retention author promotes the strategy of helping people to grow and succeed.  Growth is a huge factor in employee retention for millennials and Gen Z.  That being said, there are many people in an organization that are simply happy to be doing their job and have no desire to advance.  This employee retention trainer is then asked, “What do you do with those people?”  I am surprised when I hear that comment.  It’s as if someone who just wants to do their job and then go home is a “slug” or is “disengaged.”  In my experience, that’s usually not the case.

When you get an employee who simply wants to do their job and go home that doesn’t mean that they are a problem employee.  In fact, I tell organizations that I consult with that people like that can be the mainstay of their organization.  If everyone is a high potential and wants to advance every year, you can face a situation where you don’t have enough opportunity to satisfy those people and they leave to get that opportunity.  My experience is that most employees are engaged and working diligently and just want to do their job.  Work/life balance is important to a lot of people.

If an employee says they “just want to do their job,” that’s fine.  You should expect them to perform up to standard.  You also want to challenge them to grow in their job as there are few jobs in this changing world that aren’t changing and evolving.  Most jobs require people to stay current and to grow so the job doesn’t outgrow them. 

This employee recruitment expert (I am a headhunter in addition to an employee retention speaker), will tell you that people like the ones I describe above are usually incredibly loyal.  They are good, solid employees that, if treated well and given C.R.A.P., (Caring, Respect, Appreciation and Praise) are the type of employees who aren’t prone to be recruited away or always be thinking that the grass is always greener on the other side of the fence.  In fact, I would tell you that these are the type of employees you want to have in addition to some high potentials in your organization.  Don’t be disappointed when a solid employee says, “I just want to do my job.”  See it as a positive when it comes to your employee retention!