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As an employee retention speaker and employee retention trainer, I was fortunate to be working with one of my clients recently.  It happens that through the course of doing employee retention training with them, I have gotten to know not only the leaders in the organization but also many of the people that work for them.  In one particular case, I know the employment history of one of the people in the operations group.  This individual has had three employers in the past five years…until this person landed with my client and started working for the Director of Operations.  After two quick stints that lasted less than a year each, this person has now been in their current role for over three years.  So, what’s different?

While talking with the Director of Operations, I asked how this person was doing.  The response was an enthusiastic, “outstanding.”  This person is a top performer and deemed to be “high potential.”  The Director of Operations began to talk about how they regularly meet to discuss progress in the person’s job, assignments the person is working on and how they are doing in general.  The Director of Operations takes a genuine interest in the person.  This employee retention author made it a point to connect with the millennial employee to see what the person’s take was on the relationship.  To no surprise, this employee recruitment expert found that the person loves working for the Director of Operations.  They were enthusiastic about projects they were working on and the role they play in the organization’s success.  Ironically, the person has been in THE SAME JOB for three years!  No promotion! No change of title!  Nothing that smacks of advancement!  But the person is happy with what they are doing and fulfilled.

It became apparent that the reason is the mentorship that is taking place.  The person is growing…without being promoted, is challenged and is a top-notch contributor.  This is the type of person that regularly gets calls from headhunters like me to be enticed out of the organization.  Yet, nothing can lure this person away from the organization.  It is abundantly clear this person stays because of the mentorship they are receiving; pure and simple!

We all hear how millennials are job hoppers and want to have big fancy titles right away and expect regular promotions.  Perhaps, the reason they do is that the key element of growth through mentorship is missing.  If you want to drive employee retention, start to mentor your millennials and see what happens.  I have seen it first-hand and know it works!