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This employee retention speaker and employee retention trainer is amazed at how few organizations and leaders have discussions with their employees about where they see themselves going and growing in an organization.  This is particularly important with the millennial mindset that is accustomed to being rewarded for various achievements, promoted from grade to grade, etc.  Growth is something we know is important to many people but particularly to the millennials.  Yet, most organizations have NO discussion about how a person can grow in their job or where they can go in the organization.  I solve this problem with my clients by having leaders ask three questions of their employees.

The first question is, “Where do you see yourself going in the organization?”  It gives the leader an idea as to the expectations of the person.  Those expectations could be realistic, unrealistic or non-existent.  Either way, it is important to know so you can facilitate that growth process because if you don’t, an employer that is willing to do so is very attractive to that person.  As a headhunter and employee recruitment expert, I see high-potential employees lured away because of this all the time.

After you hear where they see themselves going, ask them, “What do you think it will take to get there?”  This gets them from just wishing to starting to think about a plan of action.  Your job as their boss is to facilitate a discussion…not manage their career.  This opens up discussions on additional training, education, maturity, etc.  You as the boss then talk to them about what resources are available and have the person investigate those resources and others that the employee may think about.  This will show you how committed they are because this is where the hard work begins.

The last question is, “Are you willing to pay the price?”  Many people want grandiose things but this employee retention author has found that many people don’t want the hard work it takes to get there.  By asking this question, it adds a dose of realism to the process.  It gets them thinking even deeper about the topic and their motivation.

There is nothing fancy about the questions, but they are key questions that must be asked as part of your employee retention strategies.  This enables you to assess the at-risk employees and to bring realism to the thought process of your people.  Again, your job is not to manage their career, your job is to facilitate the discussion.  This is a powerful employee retention tool that is often overlooked.  Ask the three questions.  You will be amazed at the responses you receive.