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This employee retention speaker and employee recruitment speaker placed a candidate with one of his clients about a year ago.  Prior to coming onboard, this person was adamant that they wanted to work one day a week out of the house or they would not take the position.  Due to family considerations, this person needed to be off on Friday because of issues with the family that crop up and their spouse was also in a high demand job.  The employer was reluctant to allow the person to be “missing” one day a week as this person would be in a KEY leadership role with a lot of people under their control.  Nonetheless, the employer agreed with a bit of reluctance because they wanted this candidate who they saw as the top candidate.

The person is doing fantastic.  They love the person and the person loves the organization.  The job is getting done.  Perhaps even BETTER than anticipated because the person IS working out of the house.  Projects get done because there are not the constant interruptions and the person is available to conduct meetings and solve problems.  They are connected to their team in a myriad of ways.  The President of the organization, who this position reports to, is now a believer in flexibility.

Flexibility matters to people.  It’s one of the best benefits you can offer your people when it works within your operational constraints.  This employee retention author believes that you need to take the blinders off and try more flexibility in your operation.  Stick your neck out.  Break that paradigm and give it a shot.  The other great thing is that flexibility does not cost you a penny!  In these days of tight budgets any employee retention strategies that don’t cost you anything should absolutely be considered.

In the old days, agreeing to what my client agreed to would have been out of the question.  You have to see people to make sure they are working and you can’t lead from a remote location was the mindset.  With today’s technologies and people being constantly connected a lot of things that did not work in the past will work today.  It’s time to get out of your rut, look at alternatives and give them a try.  Those are the employee retention strategies that will keep your top performers and, as we saw in this case, enhance employee retention.