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As many of you know, this employee retention speaker and employee retention author is also an avid CrossFit participant.  I love the activity/sport and see it as providing some invaluable lessons in life.  On Memorial Day, I went to my CrossFit gym and watched my classmates do the “Murph” workout.  “Murph” is a workout to honor former SEAL Lt. Michael Murphy who died on a mission in Afghanistan.  Virtually, every CrossFit gym in the United States does this workout on Memorial Day to honor Lt. Murphy.  Many people forget that Memorial Day is a holiday to honor those who have given their lives to preserve the freedom we have.  Many of us see Memorial Day as a day to cookout and a day that signals the start of summer.

As I got writing my blog on Tuesday morning, it dawned on me that in some ways, organizations view employee retention the same way as people view Memorial Day.  We see employee retention as being disconnected from what is the true purpose of employee retention.  The purpose of employee retention is to drive the enterprise forward.  Without employee retention, we can’t survive as an organization.  Often, it’s forgotten that employee retention’s true purpose is to make sure the organization successful.

Unfortunately, many senior leaders, or for that matter, leaders in general don’t realize the real reason we need to work at employee retention is so that their organization can survive and continue to exist.  Employee retention is not there to stand by itself.  It is designed to support a greater goal.  The same is true of productivity, quality and customer care.  They are designed to support the success of the organization.  This employee recruitment expert would even go so far as to say that employee retention is even more important than productivity, quality, etc. because without employee retention you can’t even run the organization.  We need to keep that in mind when we see employee retention as a distraction that gets in the way of doing what we do as an organization.  The parallel between how we view employee retention and how we view Memorial Day just really hit home for me.

In closing, although Memorial Day is gone for 2019, we need to keep those who have given their lives to preserve the freedom we have in this country uppermost in our minds.  Let’s not forget that’s what is truly important!