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As an employee retention speaker and employee retention trainer, I often work with groups of supervisors in organizations to help them gain an understanding of what is driving their employee turnover and what employee retention strategies to use to improve their employee retention.  Often, the reaction I get is “great…another program I have to deal with.”  Having been in their situation as an HR Leader, one wise consultant I worked with told me, “Jeff, this may be a pain in the ass and create work for you but do it for yourself.”  He convinced me that I should not do it for my boss or the organization but, instead, do it for myself.

That wise advice is what I give supervisors when they are in my session.  “Be selfish and do it for yourself.”  After all, imagine if you could stop the employee turnover from your department how easy and less stressful life would be.  No revolving door of orientation, training, re-training only to have the person leave and you have to start all over again.  If you can stabilize the workforce in your department, imagine having a crew that is fully trained that you only have to give instructions to once and then they would get the job done.  No constant repeating and then checking back to see if they are doing it right because they are experienced, trained and fully functional.  In many cases they won’t have to be asking you constant questions because they either know their job…or…they know where to go to get the answers without having to bug you…the supervisor!  Not to say that the place will be on auto-pilot but things will be running smoothly.

Moreover, all of the production or service issues you face seem to start to go away because your people are fully trained, can work faster and with less mistakes.  Then, if mistakes are made, they know how to fix them without asking you.  Now, let’s get really wild and crazy.  Your people now know their jobs so well that they start to come up with ways to do them better, faster and easier.  Wow!  Can you see where this is going?  Not only is your department not scrambling anymore, your department is moving to a whole new level and becoming a high-performance team that works well together, knows each other and is a cohesive unit.  That’s where you want to be.

In many cases, employee turnover is the root cause of productivity, quality and people issues.  Once you deal with employee turnover, life can be real good. Deal with employee turnover issues out of selfishness.  Forget about dealing with employee turnover because it benefits the company.  Do it for yourself!  With that as the motivation…watch your employee retention issues disappear!