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This employee retention expert and employee recruitment expert often works with organizations that are struggling over the dilemma as to which to concentrate on first.  Employee recruitment usually wins out.  Although I am also a professional recruiter, i.e. a “headhunter,” I usually favor the employee retention approach first which often surprises people.  My rationale for doing so is that if you are able to shut off the outflow of employees from your organization, you are far more likely to make a good hire.  Let me explain.

By working on the employee retention aspect of the problem, you get at the root cause of why you have the opening.  This is particularly the case if you have a department that is regularly losing people.  This enables you to solve the problem that is driving people away instead of driving someone away and then hiring someone that you are going to drive away if you don’t fix the problem.  A point to remember is that 30% of the people that join an organization make the decision to leave in the first 90 days…even if they don’t leave in those first 90 days…they still make the decision to leave.  That decision is based on something that is screwed up in the organization and that “something” is usually in the department.  You have to recognize that if a department is functioning well, it can buffer many of the things that are wrong with an organization.

Another reason to focus on employee retention is, if you are going to spend time and resources in an organization, do it fixing a problem rather than putting a band aid on the problem.  Temporarily filling a spot with someone who is going to leave, is a waste of resources.  Your time is better spent solving the problem.  If you absolutely need someone in the role to deal with issues, hire a temporary employee to plug the hole.  You may pay more for that temp but it does not contribute to your revolving door.

Another reason to focus on employee retention is that if you are not frenzied finding a person, you are going to do a lot better job of hiring a person instead of acting out of crisis and feeling like you need to fill a hole.  When you are filling a hole, you will tend to hire any “warm body” and a key element in employee success and employee retention in an organization is “fit.”  When people are hiring a “warm body” the fit usually tends to be horrible.

Recruitment vs. employee retention is often a major dilemma for leaders in and organization.  This employee recruitment expert and employee retention speaker virtually always leans towards the employee retention choice.  Simply hiring into a revolving door is not a wise use of resources and can be incredibly frustrating.  Chose employee retention!