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This employee retention speaker and employee retention author has seen fear decimate an organization’s employee retention.  Once fear takes hold in an organization it is incredibly hard to reign it in and when that happens the organization will find it loses one person after another.  When that occurs, the organization can quickly fall into a death spiral that is very difficult to get out of.  Even if the organization is able to, the employee turnover will severely impact its ability to perform and meet customer expectations.  The erosion of profits soon follows.

When employees become afraid, they immediately begin to speculate as to their future in the organization and whether or not they might get caught up in a downsizing.  Having seen the impact on other people’s lives they will often act preemptively, get their resume ready, put it out on a job board and see what is out there “just in case.”  The “just in case” will usually turn into other organizations offering to interview them.  If the person is a solid employee, they will usually find themselves with a job offer even if they only put their resume out on the market “just in case.”

Once people start to leave, the next thing that often happens is that posts start to go up on Glassdoor, Indeed and Facebook about the “trouble” the organization is.  Once the fire starts to rage it becomes an inferno that is difficult to get under control.  Social media has a way of accelerating the fire like nothing that has ever existed before.  This employee recruitment speaker has seen it not only damage employee retention but also damage the ability to recruit talent into the organization to replace the people that have left.  After all, who wants to get on a sinking ship?

The key to ensuring that fear does not get a grip on your organization is to have ongoing and honest communication with your employees.  The news may not always be good but you will find that it keeps things under control so that fear does not take hold.  If communication is ongoing, it also helps to keep the fire from accelerating.  Once fear takes hold in your organization you will see your employee turnover skyrocket.  The key is to ensure that it doesn’t get a foothold!