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As an employee retention speaker and employee retention author, I love traveling to different events to present.  Part of what I like to do at an event is to talk to the staff at the hotels, restaurants and other establishments I visit.  I make it a point to ask the same question that I have supervisors at my clients ask the employees that work for them.  That question is, “Aside from money, why do you work here?”  This gives me insight into what is important to people in a workplace.  When you do this every place you go, you can compile a lot of anecdotal information about employee retention.

This past week, I happened to be at the MI SHRM conference in Grand Rapids, MI.  When I had to the opportunity to start chatting with three of the staff at the front desk at the hotel I was staying at, here is what I heard.

  • We have fun here. We like working with each other and the people on the team help each other out.  We know each other. Our bosses are great all the way to the top.  They talk to us.  One person mentioned that she worked six days straight which was out of the norm so the boss took her out to lunch, thanked her and gave her a $25 gift card for going above and beyond.

Beyond just “working there” it was very clear these three people were having fun.  That is simply marvelous.  Work does not have to be drudgery.  Too many bosses think that if people are having fun, they are not being professional.  That’s simply ridiculous!  In fact, I would say that most customers enjoy their experience more when the staff has fun because it makes the experience fun. The fact that the bosses allow people to have fun is a tribute to the bosses that they leave their people along and trust them.

When people mention their boss is great that says a lot.  Not many people will say that.  It would have been great to see the interaction had the boss shown up.  How simple is it that they noted that they, “They talk to us.”  Any boss that is a great boss does that.  That’s how you get to know your employees and they then become people.  It becomes personal and that’s what keeps people wanting to come back.

Last, but not least the one person mentioned how the boss made it a point to recognize her and show her appreciation for going above and beyond.  It wasn’t anything that cost a fortune but it mattered to the employee.  The boss used the “A” in C.R.A.P…Appreciation to perfection.  As this employee retention trainer always says…this stuff is simple!   My hat is off to the bosses in this organization because they are doing it right.  Give Your Employees C.R.A.P.® because C.R.A.P. Works!