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This employee retention speaker and employee retention author is always shocked at how negative leaders in organizations tend to be.  It’s as if nothing their employees do is right.  I understand the need for continuous improvement in order to stay competitive but we tend to go overboard with constantly badgering employees to change this, do this better etc. etc.  What most leaders forget is that high performing teams hear five positives for every one negative that they hear.  Average performing teams hear three positives for every one negative and poor performing teams hear one positive for every one negative they hear. Not only is it a performance issue it’s an employee retention issue.  The reality is that people don’t want to be around negative people and complainers.

The people that someone works with is integral to employee retention.  People like a sense of camaraderie in their work group.  If you have a leader that is constantly negative, you will have a negative team.  This employee recruitment speaker hears that all the time from his audiences as well as from people I am attempting to recruit out of organizations as a “headhunter.”  If people hate the people they work with they are not going to stick around.  The leader sets the tone for the group so it’s essential the leader be positive.

One of the best ways to ensure that leaders are keeping the appreciation gas tank full is to have them walk around their work area with the mindset they are going to catch people doing things right.  Let’s face it…if and organization is in business the organization must be doing more things right than they are doing wrong.  If that’s the case, why not tell your people the good things they are doing right.

Another way that this employee retention trainer likes to ensure you are showing appreciation to your people is to give them a C.R.A.P. Coin that they can move from pocket to pocket every time they show appreciation.  It’s a great reminder that they need to be giving their people C.R.A.P. (Caring, Respect, Appreciation and Praise).  Giving people C.R.A.P. then becomes a habit and it gets ingrained in the culture of the organization.  Imagine if every leader had a C.R.A.P. Coin and was using it.  You would then easily be hitting the 5-1 ratio that is need for a high performing team but be driving your employee retention strategies as well.  However you do it…you need to be hitting that 5-1 ratio.