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Just this past week, this employee retention speaker and employee retention trainer spoke at a conference in California.  As I always do, I like to ask the people that I meet who serve me in restaurants, bars, hotels or any other establishment, “How long have your worked here?” and “Why do you stay?”  When I hear the responses, I like to pass them along because they provide insights into ideas that can help with your employee retention strategies.  On my most recent California trip, I had the opportunity to ask two gentlemen these questions.  One was a waiter and the other was a bartender.  Both were in their 50’s which is often rare in these professions because both are tough, physically demanding jobs.  Both were long-term employees in their organization.  This is often rare in these professions, so, this employee recruitment expert was fascinated to hear their responses.  Here were their responses.

Interestingly enough, both said that the owners treated them with respect and appreciated them.  Hmmmmm…C.R.A.P. (Caring, Respect, Appreciation and Praise) comes up again!  Don’t get me wrong, they were paid well because both were incredible at the way they served their customers so I’m guessing they earned good money.  You could tell they felt appreciated in the opinion of this employee retention author because is showed in their service, their energy, the fun they seemed to be having doing their job and in their general demeanor.  People don’t exude this behavior if they are treated like garbage and not appreciated.

The other thing that both said was that, “Their boss leaves them alone.”  This employee recruitment expert has found that one thing that will drive people out of an organization is micromanagement.  Micromanagement sends the message you don’t trust someone or their ability to do their job.  Trust is one key element in employee retention strategies.  Not trusting someone sends that message that you don’t respect them and their abilities.  To a professional, disrespect is very insulting!  So, hire good people and let them do their job.  If you are a micromanager…change…or you will continue to have employee turnover issues.

Respect, appreciation and not micromanaging these two people was what really kept them at their current employer because in their professions they could get a different job in 24 hours.  As I always like to say…Give Your Employees C.R.A.P.® because…C.R.A.P. Works!  Just ask these two people!