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This employee retention speaker and employee retention author always sits at the bar when he is traveling on business and is having dinner because it’s THE best place to hear what is going on in the workplace.  People love to talk about work.  The best places to hang out are at conferences.  Not only do people talk about work, but the people are usually from various areas of the country and it’s a diverse group of people.  This enables this employee retention trainer to hear from people in a wide array of industries and jobs. And, I always ask people to tell me about their work, their boss, their company, etc.  I get great feedback because I tell them that I speak on employee loyalty, employee retention and recruitment.  When I do that, the flood gates open!

While at a conference recently, I got to speak with some people from California, Kansas and Florida.  If they had a boss that was a jerk, I heard about it.  If they felt they were not being treated fairly in some way, I heard about it.  I always make it a point to ask, “Aside from the money, why do you work where you do?”  There are common themes that come up.  They include:

  • My boss let’s me do my job (No Micromanaging)
  • When I do something well, my boss tells me
  • They care about me (Often this is around having had family or health problems and the organization allowed them to work through it compassionately)
  • The place is a family
  • I work with good people (They will talk about how complainers drive them crazy)

This employee recruitment expert does make it a point after a bit to ask about how they feel about their pay.  Most say, they feel they are paid fairly and that combined with the “good stuff” about where they work, they stick around and give their employer a solid day’s work for a solid day’s pay.  They may not be doing back flips but they are satisfied overall.

I believe that more CEOs, owners and senior level leaders need to, on occasion do what I do and ask questions and listen to people from outside their organization.  It will give them a perspective that will be invaluable.   Then, take that perspective back and look at their organization to see if the organization and its leaders are doing those common-sense things.  It’s time to listen to some bar stool talk!

Remember…Give Your Employees C.R.A.P.®  Why?  Because C.R.A.P. Works!

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