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As this employee retention speaker and employee retention author listened, I was fascinated to hear the type of people wanted and what the people could expect from the organization.  All too often, ads tell you what “they are looking for” and neglect that it’s a two-way street.  One of the first things he mentions is, “Do you want to work for someone who isn’t an a**hole?”  By acknowledging the fact that a lot of bosses are a**holes, he sets himself apart.  Very few employers are willing to do so.  Most ads are bland and non-appealing.  Most of us have worked for an a**hole at some time in our career so this immediately got my attention.

The ad goes on to talk about the fact that they would love to have experienced installers but if you aren’t experienced, they will train you in their in-house training center.  That’s music to the ears of this employee retention trainer because I have railed for years about the fact that if you want to close the skills gap in this country, we have to start training people like we used to years ago.  By doing that training and committing to the individual, you are more likely to get a commitment back.  This employee recruitment expert has said all along that companies have killed employee loyalty and this sort of approach is an activity that helps to build employee loyalty.

Semper Fi looks for people with character.  Part of the employee retention strategies that they have is that if they have people with character, they can train them to deal with customer, side houses, and learn the duties needed to be a part of the team.  Many organizations talk about the “team,” but it rings hollow.  The actions that Semper Fi Exteriors has taken gives me a strong indication that is the truth.  When you look for character and train your own, it tends to build a team.

I really loved the ad because I can tell this is the type of owner that gives his employees C.R.A.P.  (Caring, Respect, Appreciation, and Praise) and who will be open and up front about his communication with his people.  The owner believes in the motto Semper Fi…Always Faithful and the last time I checked, being faithful is about loyalty!


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