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When this employee retention speaker and employee retention author was speaking with the president of a company that had a growing employee retention problem, we gravitated to the topic of training for his senior leadership team.  Looking at a lot of the other key elements that drive employee retention, the organization seemed to have other solid processes in place.  There were areas to be worked on that would help employee retention but one glaring weakness was that leaders at various levels had not gone to any training in years.

The president started to speak about some sophisticated training that he had heard about and that this would take his senior team to the next level.  This employee retention trainer noticed several of the other senior leaders at the table glancing at each other.  Finally, the VP of Operations said to the President, “Vince, I’m not so sure were even doing the basics from what our audit and engagement studies indicate.”  The president was stunned, but to his credit he asked about some of the foundation things the VP thought they were missing.  As we discussed things further, he agreed with the VP of Operations that although they ran their business well (this is a very technical field) they were missing the fundamentals that were now starting to impact their employee retention numbers.

All too often, organizations look to sophisticated answers to build their employee retention strategies and the answer is in the fundamentals.  When all the fundamentals are done well and brought together it can create a very sophisticated system.  As one of my bosses always told me, “Forget fancy…focus on the fundamentals.”  One of the fundamentals in the engagement study was a lack of connection to senior leadership.  People were treated well but didn’t have a feeling that leadership Cared about them.  It started as simple as that. They needed to learn how to give their employees C.R.A.P. (Caring, Respect, Appreciation and Praise) and then start doing it.  Why?  Because C.R.A.P. Works!



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